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Oct 5, 2012

Bringing the Meaning of Food Back

We all have memories of coming home from a long day, hunched down with a frown on the face. But upon opening the door, we’re embraced by a certain aroma, beckoning us to rush to the kitchen. Just a whiff of that one dish and suddenly we feel less tired and more happy, as if our troubles magically disappeared.

We felt a tingling sensation, a sense of warmth, a sense of love. That’s what mom’s cooking does. It’s hard to explain exactly how or why it makes us feel this way, but we just know that it’s good. This is a universal experience that we all love reminiscing about and that we will treasure for years to come.

Italian food mclean va

Mom’s, grandma’s, or whom ever that special person’s cooking affects us all differently. Some may be inspired to be as good of a cook as them and strive to pursue a career in food professionally. Some may practice it as a hobby. And some may simply admire it once it’s already served on a plate. But one fact is undeniable: the dishes we love and crave stems from our experiences or desires associated with food. There’s more to it than just satiating physical hunger. Food is a means of caring, showing love, and passing it on to others.

Nowadays, the art of food, from cooking to eating, is widely lost. The gathering of loved ones and the savoring of unique flavors are not as prevalent as it once was. All due to a need to hurry up. The need to do as many things as humanly possible before the day ends. Don’t get us wrong, it’s difficult to just leave work, appointments, and other chores. And there are still many people who value food like the treasure it is. But parents and guardians nowadays are too busy to welcome their kids home with a delicious smell of homemade pasta or pie. They would just rather heat frozen pizza in the oven and have that as a snack.

Here in Capri, we only suggest that, once in a while, you take a little time off to enjoy and have a home-cooked meal to share with loved ones. You won’t regret this decision, trust us. But if you don’t really have the time or you feel you’re a hazard to the kitchen, consider us. We’re proud to serve traditional Italian dishes similar, if not better than, to the ones you’ve been craving for.